English for
IT Project Managers

Course by Joseph Taylor
Who is this course for?
Current IT managers
Develop your ability to communicate with clients and colleagues in English. Look for jobs that require English.
Beginning IT managers
Learn more about project and team management while developing your English skills!
Non-IT specialists interested in a career in IT
Develop useful skills such as business communication and resume writing in English, and learn more about the IT industry, including different professions, as well as upcoming industry trends.
a unique course to improve your skills
This course is for both current IT Project Managers as well as for those beginning their project management careers. In the course you will acquire not only the language skills you need to communicate with your teams and to manage projects, but also the skills for proper business communication, managing people, choosing project management software, as well as presenting your ideas to clients and investors.

You'll be able to:
  • Communicate with colleagues, employees, and clients in English
  • Effectively manage an international team
  • Look for and find jobs using English-language resources
  • Write a resume and cover letter in English
  • Pass a job interview in English
  • Talk about your interests in IT.
Joseph Taylor
Course teacher
Hey! I have been teaching English for 10 years and enthusiastically support my students to achieve their personal and professional goals in English. I graduated from CELTA in 2013 and took several short courses in course and material development. Since 2018 I have been teaching English at ITMO (St. Petersburg).
Course program
1 week
1 week
Business Communication
  • Business Communication in English
  • Email Writing: Structure and Style
  • Email and Chats: Specific Situations
  • Phone and Video Calling: Structure and Style
2 - 3 weeks
2 - 3 weeks
Finding and Getting a Job
  • The Resume
  • The Cover Letter
  • Looking for a Job
  • The interview
4 - 5 weeks
4 - 5 weeks
Working in a Team
  • Communicating with your Team
  • Project Management and Collaboration
  • Team Management
  • Presenting to your Team
  • Pitching to Investors and Clients
6 week
6 week
New in Tech
  • Exploring IT
  • IT Jobs
  • What's New in IT?
New themes in development
At the moment, work is underway on new topics that will be included in the course (no surcharges)
A course to help you become better
This course is divided into different themes that cover the topics IT project managers encounter in their daily work: communicating with colleagues and clients, managing teams and projects, advancing their careers, and learning more about the field.

Each theme is divided into lessons that include:
  • A video lesson that covers the main ideas
  • Texts/videos on the topic
  • Tasks for practicing the materials with feedback

The philosophy of the course is to engage with ideas and concepts through English. This is not a typical language course that will take you through grammar topics. The focus is on the practical use of English in the work of a project manager.

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+ Call with the teacher after each topic to consolidate materials
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